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Our Broken Justice System

Imagine you have omnipotent power over nature but a poor understanding of how it actually works. One day, after being stung during a picnic, you decide to get rid of all honeybees. What would happen? Before long, wide swaths of the terrestrial ecosystem would begin to fall apart. Crops that depend on bees for pollination would fail; various other plants and trees would be unable...

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America’s Criminal Justice System Is Rotten to the Core

Before you can fairly assess the legitimacy of the ongoing protests or the quality of the government’s response, you must understand the relevant facts. And the most relevant fact is that America’s criminal justice system is rotten to its core. Though that certainly does not justify the violence and wanton destruction of property...

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Is Title III Dead? The Future of Wiretap Challenges in the Wake of Rajaratnam

The recent insider trading prosecution of hedge fund titan Raj Rajaratnam raised many eyebrows in the white collar defense bar for its reliance on wiretap evidence. Though Title III permits the government to seek court authorization to...

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